RAILBLAZA Adjustable Platform StarPort Kit Black

SKU: 9421026830265



The RAILBLAZA Adjustable Platform and StarPort Kit is an adjustable flat surface that makes items like bait boards, fishfinders and tables StarPort-compatible. Meaning, you can plug and lock these items in place on your inflatable, kayak, sailboat or any other place that will take a StarPort. The platformÕs neck can be adjusted through 90 degrees forward and back so you can position it at any angle you desire. Plus, itÕs quick to install and very easy to remove for stowing or re-tasking your StarPort. Use the RAILBLAZA Adjustable Platform to secure your boating accessories and have a better boating experience all-round.

What You Get

1 x Adjustable Platform
1 x StarPort
1 x surface mount collar
1 x weather-tight gasket & cover
2 x 12-gauge 32 mm self-tapping screws
2 x M6 x 35mm machine screws, washers & nuts

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