RAILBLAZA C-Tug Trolley Cam Lock Buckle

SKU: CT-1008



Looking to replace old, worn or lost straps on any C-Tug kayak trolley? You're on the right page. The C-TUG Strap Kit with Cam lock buckle is extremely secure and easy to set up, just follow the provided instruction video.

The kit contains high-quality components that include a 1.6-metre strap with a sewn-on aluminium cam lock buckle, a 1.2-metre strap, and two 38mm ladder locks. Spares for C-TUG strap kit
1 x 1.6m x 38mm strap with the sewn on 38mm aluminium cam lock buckle
1 x 1.2m x 38mm Strap
2 x 38mm ladder locks

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