RAILBLAZA Clevis/Bimini Support Pair White

SKU: 9421026831699



The clevis has long been a staple of the hardware store, its uses so broad in range and scope it would be nearly impossible to list each one. This adaptability and versatility can now be added to your kayak, boat or other vehicle using a RailBlaza StarPort Mount. The combination of a clevis with the RailBlaza StarPort is  a winning combination with many more uses than we can think up.

Use the clevis to attach your Bimini top to you boat, easily attach and detach the Bimini from your boat with the flick of a RailBlaza lock on the StarPort.

Connect it with a Clevis.

There are many uses for a clevis, and we’re sure you will find more uses than we can think of!

Bimini covers are a great way to stay protected from the weather, sun or rain, when out in your boat. Often it can be a hassle to fit or remove requiring tools or replacing fittings that have corroded.

Neither of these things is a problem when using the bimini clevis from RAILBLAZA, simply the quickest and most reliable way to remove or install your bimini cover.

With the RAILBLAZA Clevis/Bimini support pair and you can now click in and out of any StarPort mount. Great when you need to remove the bimini cover for those days that the casting area needs to be clear. To work out which mounting base is best for you, please click this link to our mounting bases page.

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