Baltic 2711 Fire Officer Auto 275N

SKU: 7392715271114


This lifejacket has 302N to be able to turn you into a safe back position and to keep you buoyant even when carrying a lot of heavy equipment. The 3105 is a single chamber construction equipped with double automatic Argus valves with inspection windows for easy status check. Fitted with crutch strap, lifting becket, retro reflective tapes and whistle. High quality materials ensures a long lifespan and to protect the lifejacket from abrasion we have extra protective covers and molten metal splash proof covers as accessories. Sprayhood, and lifejacket light. cylinder: 60 g, 

Features an attachment D-ring at the back. Available in automatic version and fitted with retro reflective tape, whistle and crutch strap. Toggles to fit sprayhood and attach to a jacket. Automatic cartridge art no 2520. CO2 cylinder: 60 g art no 2460. Accessories: Sprayhood, lifejacket light.

Size One size 40-150 kg

- 275N Buoyancy
- Brand: Baltic Lifejackets
- Sizes: 40-150kg
- Inflation mechanism: Auto
- Comes with crotch strap and harness
- The Baltic Officer Lifejacket includes fleece lined collar and ergonomic shape for comfort
- Suitable for offshore use

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